Why going to Chicago?

Why going to Chicago?

When looking for a new city to visit for either personal or professional purposes, Chicago, IL would be a great option. Chicago is the home to approximately 3 million people, and is full of entertainment and culturally significant options for every traveler to enjoy.

When traveling to Chicago, most travelers will come through one of two major international airports, Midway International Airport or O’Hare International Airport. Both of the airports are located around 10 miles away from Chicago’s central business district. Since they are a bit of a distance away, taking a cab or driving from the airport could be time consuming during peak travel times. During the high traffic rush hours of the middle morning and early evening, taking a train from the airport into the city could be a more affordable and quicker option.

In Chicago, there are many different landmarks worth seeing. One of the most popular, which can provide hours of fun is Millennium Park. Located near Lake Michigan, and right off the city’s central business district, Millennium Park is full of entertaining options and can be a great place for people watching. In the summer months, when the park is busiest, travelers can also take advantage of many free concerts and performances that take place in the music venue located within the park.

For those that are looking for a more cultural experience, visiting some of Chicago’s museums would be a great option. Chicago is well regarded as having one of the best collections of museums in the world. When heading to Chicago, some of the places that must be visited are the Art Institute, the Field Museum, the Shed Aquarium, and the Science and Industry Museum. Visitors to Chicago could take advantage of special rates, which provide discounted admission to all of the museums if the visits take place with a few days.

Sports fans would also love coming to Chicago. Wrigley Field, which is the second oldest stadium in all of professional sports, is the home of the Chicago Cubs and is located on the north side of the city. The Cubs play over 80 home games during the spring and summer each year, and each game is full of excitement. Before and after the games, fans can enjoy the immediate neighborhood which is full of dozens of bars, restaurants, and shops.

Chicago is also well known for being the home of some fantastic restaurants. Many of the top restaurants are located in the Gold Coast neighborhood, which is an ideal area to hang out when visiting the city. Chicago’s top restaurants include steakhouses such as Gibson’s, Morton’s, and Tavern on Rush. While the steakhouses are always a popular choice, all Chicago visitors need to dine at either Lou Malnatis or Pizzeria Unos, which are well known for developing the deep-dish Chicago-style pizza, which has made Chicago pizza famous.

Those that are looking to go shopping will also thoroughly enjoy Chicago. The city is the home to the Miracle Mile, which is located on Michigan Avenue in downtown Chicago. This street is home to dozens of high-end fashion retailers and department stores.

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