Frequently Asked Questions

How long should I charter for?

This usually depends on the amount of time you can afford to be away. Usually the best amount of time is two weeks but should you have less than two weeks available we can help plan your itinerary as to see and do as much as possible.

In which areas can I charter a yacht from?

Kalantzis yachting operates in Athens, There is access to the islands of the Saronic, the Argolic Gulf and the Western Cyclades. Our sailing holidays also cover the rest of the island groups: Ionian islands, Central Cyclades, North Aegean,and the Dodecanese islands. You can have a sailing cruise at a very afforadable cost depending on the time and what islands you want to visit.

Is smoking allowed on yachts?

For safety reasons smoking is not permitted in the staterooms or cabins. Smoking is allowed on deck.

Can you store luggage for me ashore while I am on the yacht?

Yes. We have storage facilities. It is good to let the office know ahead of time that you will be requiring storage so that arrangements can be made.

Can I bring my pet?

Yachts do not permit guests to bring pets on board . Animals are typically not accustomed to the strict confinement of a ship and an active cruising itinerary can be quite uncomfortable for pets. There are exceptions to the rule so please ask.

Do the yachts come with scuba diving equipement?

Greece is a well known country for her undersea ancient treasures. In her effort to protect its historical tradition she has brought up for years now regulations that should be strictly adhered to. Although scuba is a marvelous experience it can also be dangerous. These are the two main reasons we avoid to hire scuba equipment on board our yachts, instead we suggest the hiring of equipment (boat & escort guide included) from organized centers where scuba is allowed, at a very inexpensive cost. Anyway, snorkel, mask and flippers can be found on board.

What qualifications are required to charter a bareboat sailing or motor yacht ?

According to Greek law the skipper is required to have sailing certificate proving his or hers competence. If your country does not have such certification then a letter from your sailing school or association is acceptable.

What is included in the price of a bare boat charter?

All equipement (bimini, outboard, tender,GPS, CD-player and autopilot), end cleaning, transfer to the yacht, marine insurance, towels and linen, and VAT.

What is not included in the price?

Fuel, water, provisioning, port fees and travel insurance.

Do I need to to leave a security deposit when I hire a skipper?

We suggest the non refundable security deposit in order to ensure a smooth end of the charter, for any loss or damage may occur from the charterer or crew member.

What happens if I have a problem during my charter?

Call us. We will provide you with our mobile numbers prior to your departure make sure when you call us you know your location and try to describe the problem as thoroughly as possible. We have technicians which we cooperate in nearly every port of Greece.

Do harbors in the islands have moorings?

Most islands do not have mooring lines. You need to drop anchor and tie med-style.

Do you provide all the charts and pilot book and is there any material that we can buy ahead of time?

All our yachts have charts and the Greek Waters Pilot.

How difficult will be to bring our children onboard with us?

We have a great experience sailing with families and we didn’t have any problems. For children is an opportunity to learn how to sail, together with the activities that they can have during the trip such as fishing, swimming, snorkel etc.

Should I hire a skipper?

If you are uncomfortable with sailing in the Greek seas, lack experience or just feel you want some one else to do the work, then yes. Something to keep in mind is that sailing the Greek sea can be very unpredictable. Our skippers can be an instructor, teaching you sailing methods in the Greek Seas. We select our skippers with care, all are bilingual (fluent in English or other languages) all sociable and outgoing by nature. Our skipper, besides being the captain, is a real host. Cooks and deck hands are available upon request.

Do you provide boat briefings?

The charterer and his or her party will be given general briefing covering the local cruising grounds.
Questions about navigation, anchorages, prevailing conditions, or any part of the desired itinerary can be answered. A more specific boat briefing aboard the yacht will then be given, covering all the operating systems, including rigging, electrical system, windlass, stove, dinghy, outboard and emergency systems.